School Events

School Special Events

Offering our facility and program instructors to the community! We specialize in great gymnastics instruction, fun special events and stress free birthday parties, let us host a great event for your school or PTA program.

School Fundraising FRIDAY FUN NIGHT!
– Gymnastics Day at your school! (free of charge)
– Field Trips to our facility

School Fundraising FUN NIGHT
Our Fun Nights run on a Friday night of your choice from 7:30-9pm. We’ll host a night of games and open play in our facility. Choose a grade level or class room and come to I-Power Gymnastics! We charge $7.00 for each participant. The hosting group keeps $5.00 per person and I-Power collects $2.00 per person to pay staff.

Gymnastics Day at your school (FREE)
Whether it’s a P.E. Unit, Carnival, or a Special event. We’ll bring staff to your school and conduct a gymnastics unit.

Field Trips to I-Power
We love having groups come to I-Power. This can be used as a end of year celebration trip, a prize for a contest, etc. We offer special group rates for schools.

I-Power Special Event Waiver